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Terry E. Young
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Southern Risk Services, LLC. - Hoover
Office Number 1 (205) 703-7987
Alternate Number 1 (256) 504-3288
Fax Number 1 (205) 824-9807
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The last 25 years...

Terry has purchased 7 commercial retail insurance operations. During this period of time he acquired one of the highest levels of risk management certifications in the industry CRM (Certified Risk manager).

Terry is licensed in 32 states and his office has two locations in Alabama. He's had the privilege of serving in all capacities on the board of directors with an international association CICA (Captive Insurance Companies Association). He served as the outgoing chairman of the board of CICA. He also served as the local President of the Etowah Count Chapter of Independent Agents.

SRS Insurance Group, created a premium finance company which exclusively focused on financing commercial insurance premiums for inhouse and third party clients.

Terry made his first trip to the Islands of Bermuda in 1985 and began his 24 year history of studying the "alternative and reinsurance" insurance arena. He formed an international captive insurance company which he became a founding partner. Terry has consulted with over 25 national companies and associations in setting up their own risk bearing insurance company off shore in Bermuda.

Terry and his partner Tom Roper founded a work comp claims administration company in 1999. MRM is a work comp claims processing company that administers claims prodomiantly in the state of Alabama. Their client list is made up of trade associations, self insured trust funds, State of Alabama Guaranty Fund and self insured group pools.

Terry and partner Tom Roper own 25% of the largest work comp PPO network in the state of Alabama. AlaMed PPO has over 3000 providers, 25,000 corporations as clients and over 1,000,000 employees in their network. They are second in size in Alabama only to BCBS.


Risk management, Commercial Insurance, Personal Insurance, work comp specialist, claims administration, PPO networks, Bill Ajudication, Alternative Insurance market Place, Captive Insurance Companies, Bermuda Captives and Health care Related Risks of all Types.