The attention and response I get is very prompt and considerate.  They are concerned about me, my issues, and what I need to accomplish.  They took over an account that they were not yet making any commission off of, and accomplished a huge savings for me, that my old agent was not interested in working on.  It is customer service that I have not been used to getting from anyone lately. 

D. Thornton, ABAE Personnel, Huntsville, AL


We were able to save approximately 48% ($83,000) because Weaver Insurance  assisted us in correcting errors on our MOD worksheet which resulted in our being placed in preferred market. 

M. Johnson, Gadsden, Alabama


This is Jim with Barnett Enterprises in Birmingham, AL.  I applied to the Weaver Company for workers compensation and within one day, Myra had gotten me a quote back and we were about ready to do business. Thank you. 

                                                            Jim, Barnett Enterprises, Birmingham, AL


This is Don from McCord Lighting Contractors in Centre, AL.  I have been with Weaver for quite a few years now.  I am very, very, satisfied with how promptly they handle everything.  I have had one claim in the whole time and they were very prompt.  Everybody is courteous and always willing to go the extra mile with you to make sure you are covered.  They are not one of these people to say “There’s no way we can do it.”  They always find a way to do it.  I would recommend Weaver Insurance to anyone. 

                                                            Don, McCord Lighting Contractors, Centre, AL

Weaver Insurance helped us to save approximately 50% by helping us avoid Assigned Risk. 

                                                                        M. Goodwin, Brewton, Alabama


Weaver Insurance helped us save approximately 53% by moving to specialty program. 

M. Thompson, Loxley, Alabama


I am the Vice President for Sales and Contracting for Bulldog Marine, a Florida Marine Contractor.  I just wanted to say thanks for helping us just in the past three of four months set up the 1-800 number where our guys can leave a message if they’ve had an injury or if they got hurt or whatever and it can broadcast out to our loss control guy and acutally send ya’ll a voice message.  It’s really been helpful just in the past three or four months and really helped us secure a good deal with our insurance company that we have right now.  In fact, combining that with our loss control manager, it’s going to save us $200,000+ a year just putting this whole thing into play. I really appreciate Terry and Myra and what you guys have done for us just in the last six months since I’ve been with you guys. I really appreciate too more than anything how you are up with the times and using technology, with this 1-800 claims line and email and different things we’ve used.  We’ve been with other insurance agencies in the past and it’s just been a nightmare trying to get information; they want to fax stuff to us or mail stuff to us and get us to sign it and get it back in two or three days and then our paperwork gets lost in the mail. This 1-800 claims line that we put in and some of the other things that you’ve told us we can do in the future that I definitely want to get up and running.  Thanks so much!

                                                                Brian Hall, Bulldog Marine, Mobile, Alabama

I just wanted to say that your employees have been absolutely wonderful in helping us try to find workers comp insurance in order to get out of the JUA.  I know it’s been a long and difficult process and they’ve really worked hard.  I especially appreciate Myra, who has been working on this for quite some time.  Myra has done just a wonderful job; we’ve gotten a great quote for our coverage for our workers comp; and I just want to thank you ever so much again. For the wonderful superb job that your employees have done for us.  Thanks again!

Joan, AT Survey Incorporated, Panama City, Florida

The Weaver Insurance Group helped with problems we had with Workers Comp.  They worked with us in accomplishing what we wanted and with a savings, but basically helped with an extra peace of mind that we had the insurance coverage we needed.  We have never worked with an Insurance Company who has been as prompt and available as Weaver.  We hope to be able to work with this Insurance Company on other things in the future.

Glinda Freeman, North Jackson County and

Sand Mountain Water Authorities, Ider, AL

Weaver Insurance reduced our premiums by approximately 66% by moving from us Assigned Risk to standard market.

                                                                                    M. Scott, Pensacola, Florida


We saved approximately $35,000 by keeping account from moving to Assigned Risk after being non-renewed by current carrier. 

H. Lambert, Birmingham, Alabama

Myra at Weaver Insurance Group was extremely helpful in getting me out of the assigned risk pool last month here in South Carolina. They were courteous and quick to work on my account and they saved me money! They saved me over $7,000 on my annual premium and this is a reduction of 6 ½%. Myra was very honest and easy to work with over the phone. I look forward to working with her for years to come.

Danny… Historical Repairs & Maintenance, Inc. ~ South Carolina

I want to thank Myra Bobbitt and the staff at Weaver Insurance Group for helping me  replace my workers compensation coverage on renewal of 1/1/2007. They were able to get me out of the assigned risk pool in South Carolina and saved me 26% of my premium which reduced my cost approx. $12,878.

 Pam Wyder, Night Flyte, Inc. ~ Hopkins, SC